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About us:

MindFlickers is a brain development academy established in 2015 with the aim to develop the mental skills of students and provide them with co-curricular activity-based learning using ancient abacus, mental maths, Lego, robotics, and basic electronics.

From our diversified program, the students for the age group 06 – 13 years benefit much more than ever before. Our products are designed to help students improve their memory, concentration, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills. We also offer teacher training programs to help teachers better understand and implement our methods in the classroom.

More than 300 pupils have been trained by MindFlickers in robotics, abacus mental maths, and basic electronics thus far.

With the aid of an abacus image and the brain skills of concentration, visualisation, and listening, which also help the kids with their imagination, creativity, and memory skills, they can now learn concepts more quickly, more thoroughly, and with less stress. This will help them greatly in their academic endeavours.

Our Story

Our founder, Mr. Salman Fateh Ali, noticed a significant difference in the brain development of Chinese, Indian, and Pakistani students and discovered that our educational system lacks a brain development programme that calls for left and right brain alignment, an improvement in self-awareness, concentration, and the ability to multitask. After receiving instruction from renowned instructors, In 2015 we established MindFlickers as a centre for brain development.

We are driven by values





Growth Mindset


Super Efficient

Our target is not only accuracy but to achieve efficiency.

Deeply Committed

We don’t Teach, we work together for achievement.

Highly Skilled

Well Trained and Certified Teachers

Sumaira Salman

CEO / Director

Salman Fateh Ali

Lead Trainer


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